With that vision in mind we added more rustic and outspoken designs to our collections.


In this way we try to involve as many people as possible in our story and continue to push our own boundaries. Because we’re the same as all other young people.


We don't want to just sell our products, we want to inspire young people to do the same as us. Always be enthusiastic to start something you believe in and be too stubborn to turn your back away.



All of us are, as the name says, stoked to start, too stubborn to quit. This is our biggest trump card. Cause let’s be honest, that's how everyone is when they're young. The youthful enthusiasm, which allows everyone to start something they believe in gave us the chance to start our business.

In addition to our enthusiasm, our stubbornness has come in handy as we have been able to turn it into something positive. It gave us the strength to move forward with our idea and not push our ambitions aside. Too stubborn to give up and continue to achieve all of our goals.


All our products are processed by us personally and finished by hand. By this we mean that all our clothing / accessories come in unprinted so that we can print them all by hand.


This allows us to take a large part of the production process into our own hands, which gives us the opportunity to make various great collaborations possible.


Soon there might be a cooperation with a company in your region! Together we can make 'Stoked&Stubborn' a national and international concept!